Buying your Home with L. Morse & Associates

We at L. Morse & Associates look forward to helping you achieve your dream of home ownership.

Whether this is your very first home, second home or investment property we will guide you through the process with ease.

1. Buyer consultation with an L. Morse and Associates agent.

Give us a call to schedule a consultation. This orientation meeting is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to tackle buying with no surprises. When you meet with one of our agents, you will work together to identify your goals, and the buying process will be thoroughly explained.

2. Obtain lender pre-approval

Pre -Approval for a home is obtained through a mortgage lender and involves an application process. If you are not already working with a lender your agent will provide you with a list of lenders who can help you. Lenders have made loan applications very easy to complete. In most cases you’ll have the choice of applying online, over the phone, or in person. Lenders will base your loan amount on your income, credit rating, debt load, money for down payment, etc. Once you are pre-approved, your lender will issue a pre-approval letter, letting sellers know that you are a qualified buyer.

 3. Begin your home search, find your home, and make an offer.

Based on the criteria and goals identified during your buyer consultation you and your agent will set out to find the ideal property for you and ultimately present the offer to the seller 

4. Plan for a few expenses before closing.

Once your offer is accepted you will have a few expenses that you should be prepared to cover: a home inspection, appraisal, down payment and closing costs. These expenses vary depending upon the purchase price.

5. Schedule the home inspection.

It is important to have the property inspected by a professional home inspector. If you don’t have an inspector in mind your agent will provide you with a list of professional certified inspectors to choose from. The property inspector will provide you with a detailed report explaining the condition of the property. It may be necessary to conduct further negotiations after the inspection.

6. Obtain homeowners insurance and schedule utilities to be turned on.

As you move forward from contract to close, your L. Morse & Associates agent, lender and attorney will be coordinating all remaining documents needed before closing. During this time you will obtain the appropriate insurance for your soon- to -be new home. As the closing date draws near, utilities such as electric, gas, phone, internet and cable need to be scheduled.

7. Attend the closing, get the keys, and move in!

The closing is typically held at the closing attorney’s office and normally takes about an    hour to complete. Your L. Morse & Associates agent will accompany you and you’re  attorney to the closing. Your attorney will walk you through the documents that require signatures. You will need to bring an official form of identification (driver’s license or passport), and the necessary cashiers’ check or money order. Once all funds have been received and processed the home is yours.